21 MARCH – 17 APRIL 2016

21 - 27 March: Peter Sedlacik & Zuzana Galova

The couple behind Crea Crea Studio will be exhibiting The Lens Between Us and Animini Yoga.

28 March - 3 April: Le Petit Bateau

Featuring: Lily Keenan, Peter Fisher, V2M & Judy Rhum

4 -10 April: Frothers Gallery

Ocean photography from Franck Gazzola, Brad Malyon, Beau Pilgrim, Chris Burkard and more. Plus Salty Dog Stories and sustainable sea art from SeaBorneArt

11 - 17 April: Shan Richards

Wander ~ Lust ~ Colour

Proudly sponsored by:


27 FEBRUARY - 20 MARCH 2016

Wolf & Kitten: A local creative partnership between street artist Dolan Reskov and National Art School Graduate Juliette Furio, who meld music and gritty visuals with sophisticated forms to bring you art in all its degradation and glory.

The 24 Hour Project: Documenting humanity on a global scale in one single day. Global participants share their city stories on Instagram one photo per hour over the same 24-hour period.

The Kings Cross Pop-Up is part of the Kings Cross Festival, sponsored by Potts Point Partnership and curated by GkJE Galleries.



Our second event was a big success with even more local art and tshirts on show, plus weekly evening events with drinks and live music attracting a great turnout. Thanks to everyone who made it along and supported the local artists.

It was all thanks to the Glebe Chamber of Commerce, Glebe Street Fair, City of Sydney and Burger 10 - a great partnership between government, business and the arts. A big thankyou to Brown Brothers Wine and Mountain Goat Beer for supplying their quality drinks at our evening events.

Exhibited works by:

Ears, Art by Four, Liz Peniazeva, Miriam Montgomery, Jamie Priesz, Digby Webster, Ape Seven, Zuzu Galova, Amy Summer, BK DIECI, Marnie Ross, Rolfe Knudsen, Amy Summer, Salleigh Olsen, Kubi Vasak, Gauri Torgalkar, Grant Stewart, Kirsten Duncombe, Skulk, Kirana Haag, Miriam Cabello, A. Baki Kocaballi, Liam Ambrose, Maggie Mackenzie, Carmen Hui, Michael Kirkpatrick, Carrie Webster, Jessica Ashley Unknown, Meg White, Paola Talbert, Michael Katchan, Riana Moller, Katya Petetska, Skull, Shan Richards, Invisible Light, Janaki Lele, Graham Reed, Janis Stewart and Julie Rekha.

Live art by: Jamie Preisz, Ape Seven, Amy Summer, Skulk, Michael Kirkpatrick and Skull.


2 APRIL - 3 MAY 2015

A massive thank you to everyone who visited the first LOCO exhibition and also Waverly Council for their support, and all the amazing artists for getting involved.

Exhibited works by:

Felicity Palmateer, Stay Fly Sydney (Ayla the Caveman, Lady J, Prisadee Pam, Goya Torres, Zeke’s Lunchbox), Bondi Art Lounge (Sally Belcher, Lucy Prior, Nina Norden, Lotte Smith, Carmel McGrath, Jacqueline Burgess), Wilson Arbis, Mady Thieme, Chantelle Ferri, Gabbi Lancaster, Rippingyarns, Kaz 88, Michael Katchan, Ruby Jackson, Russell Tate, JMK aRt, Stu Freeman, Emma Mitchell, Jessica Ashley Unknown, Jamie Priesz, Adam Cicchini, Potion X, Jessica Jones, Caroline Chapel, Marie Antuanelle, SKULL, Zuzu Galova, Mauricio Mar, Light Leak Prints

Live art by: Ayla the Caveman, Chantelle Ferri, Lady J, Potion X, Prisadee Pam


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