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  • Hi all,

    Sending out a massive thank you to everyone who has visited our pink sustainable popup container art gallery down on Bondi Beach over the last 3 weeks. Also a huge thanks for all the amazingly talented artists who have exhibited with us and also Waverly Council for their support.

    In our opening week we exhibited Felicity Palmateer's beautiful pieces on a range of mediums including surfboards, skateboards and ceramics. In the second week we exhibited Stay Fly female street artists which was an extremely cool collaboration. In the third week we exhibited artists from Bondi Art Lounge which drew a lot of interest.

    From 21 April we will be exhibiting a number of independent artists with a range of different styles, many of whom are local to Bondi so make sure you come down and check it out. Remember every Saturday we have new live street artists doing pieces on the back of the container!

    All exhibited artworks are also in our online shop as originals, prints, skateboards, surfboards, greeting cards and tees so have a browse!

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    IceCube Lady J


  • LOCO Project is all about promoting local talent. We hold pop-up exhibitions showcasing local talent from the surrounding area. Our first shipping container exhibition is on Bondi Beach and goes for 4 weeks in April 2015.

    We are currently looking for artists who want to get involved in the project. We'd love to hear from you so click on 'Submit Art' in the footer of the page if you have some art you want to exhibit or sell - submissions close in just a couple of weeks for the Bondi exhibition!

    We are different than a store as our focus is on holding exhibitions and showcasing local talent. We have a lot of exciting ideas and plan on working with a range of different types of artists and holding different kind of art events through our mobile shipping container gallery!

    We also have an online gallery sorted by location. We print and ship on demand so artists can focus on their art, and are not out of pocket at any stage. Our products are high quality, made in Australia and our clothing is organic. We also offer other product options for art including cards, clothing, surfboards and skateboards.

    So how do we make a profit? Through sponsorship, grants and relatively low flat fees on items sold. There is no risk to the artists with no upfront costs and the artists get to choose their profit margin on each product they sell. We are totally transparent with everything we do and artists are not committed to any long term contracts.

    Lots of exciting art news coming up so stay tuned!

    Loco Gallery Exhibition Opening

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